Design Systems & Accessibility

  • 2020 - Year in review

    Fri Jan 01 2021

    A year in review, 2020.

  • I’m super good at CSS and I don’t recommend the cascade, don’t @ me

    Fri Jan 11 2019

    In almost all but small, document-based website cases, I can tell you from experience that the cascade is kind of a terrible idea for today’s teams, organisations, and products, and it’s got nothing to do with “not knowing CSS”.

  • The Living Style Guide Pattern Lab

    Fri Mar 04 2016

    Style guides in our experience fail most of the time as they become stale reference sites that people copy and paste from but never update. They can be too loose, and allow too much freedom; effectively you skin Bootstrap and everyone thinks they're a designer.

  • How we use Sass Maps for Design Tokens and Developer Happiness

    Sat Feb 20 2016

    When building a design system there is always a set of global, shared properties that become the basis of everything that gets built. This is part of the atom level of the "Atomic Design" principle – the font sizes, weights, line heights, colours, borders, background, spacing, sizing and z-indexes that are the very core of every single piece of Interface in your UI library.

  • How we "CSS" at BigCommerce

    Mon Feb 01 2016

    CSS is hard. Writing good CSS is harder. Writing good CSS with a big team on a large codebase... wow, just wow.